Our Mission

David A. Provencher – Chief of Police

It is imperative that every member of our community possesses a clear understanding of the purpose and role of the New Bedford Police Department. This understanding is best gained through a statement of this department’s mission and a clear definition of both our organizational values and core philosophy.

The mission of the New Bedford Police Department is to work in partnership with the community to enhance our quality of life through crime prevention; guaranteeing the constitutional rights of all, preserving the peace, reducing fear, and providing a safe environment.

This mission cannot be accomplished without taking into account those values that guide our actions. I believe that as partners with the community in providing for public safety, we must:

  • Value human life, respecting the rights and liberties of all.
  • Protect the lives and property of community members and visitors and impartially enforce the law.
  • Vigorously provide services to neighborhoods that enhance the quality of life within our community.
  • Constantly seek ways to improve the quality of the police services provided to the community.
  • Maintain high standards of integrity consistent with service as law enforcement professionals.

My philosophy of how the New Bedford Police Department should address its responsibility to this community can be summed up in one phrase. I believe that this organization exists for the purpose of “public safety achieved with public service.” These terms go hand in hand, and must stand as the guiding principles behind all of our efforts.

Chief David Provencher
New Bedford Police Chief

Rest in Peace
(June 8, 1956 – December 13, 2015)