Four Firearms Seized

On 9/26 at approximately 10:00pm Officers Andrew Ryder and George Lozado were dispatched to the area of 320 Coffin Avenue, which is an abandoned house, concerning a group trying to enter the premises. Upon arrival, they did not see anyone around the front of the house, but exited their vehicle and began checking out the rest of the home. While searching the rear yard, they observed a disheveled camper with the shades on the windows open. Upon looking inside, they saw four handguns sitting on a cushion inside the camper. Since the camper doors were unlocked already, the handguns were immediately seized and unloaded.

Recovered from the camper were the following firearms:

1) Ruger 9mm with loaded 16 round magazine

2) High Point 9mm with loaded 7 round magazine

3) Mauser loaded with 3 – .380 cal rounds

4) Smith & Wesson .38 cal Revolver loaded with 6 rounds