Lt. Amos Melo leads active shooter training

shooter-facebook-2No one wants to consider the possibility of an active shooter entering their workplace.
But being prepared and being aware could save your life and the lives of your colleagues should the unthinkable happen.
New Bedford Police Lt. Amos Melo led six training sessions for city workers in late September and early October at New Bedford Public Library.
Lt. Melo taught city employees how to protect themselves should a shooter enter their workplace.
The training stressed the importance of being aware of your surroundings, keeping in close communication with colleagues in case of an incident and being active rather than passive if a crisis should happen.
During the sessions, Lt. Melo reminded training participants that active shooters can strike anywhere. No city or community is immune.
“Hopefully it will never happen here, but it could happen here,’’ he said.
The best chance of survival, he said, is to keep moving rather than remaining in place. “Every step you take away from danger, you’re a step closer to safety,’’ he said.
If a shooter is in a building and people cannot flee safely, they should barricade the doors with chairs, desks and other items to slow or prevent the shooter from gaining access.
Think proactively, Lt. Melo said. Items you keep on your desk and use every day can be used as weapons in an emergency. Strategic placement of desks, filing cabinets and other large office items can increase your chances of staying safe in a crisis.
Lt. Melo has been teaching these classes since 2012. He said that training is important because being aware of survival skills could save your life.