Have a happy and safe holiday season!

With this joyous season quickly approaching, we would like to offer everyone some tips to help keep you and your loved ones safe.

• Avoid driving alone or at night
• Keep all car doors locked and windows closed while in or out of your car
• Park in a well-lighted area
• Avoid parking next to vans, trucks with camper shells, or cars with tinted windows
• Never leave your car unoccupied with the engine running or with children or pets inside
• Do not leave packages or valuables on the seat or in plain view in your car. This creates a temptation for thieves. If you must, secure them in the trunk out of sight
• When approaching or leaving your car be aware of your surroundings
• Avoid carrying large amounts of cash
• Keep cash in your front pocket if possible
• Avoid overloading yourself with packages so you can have a clear view of your surroundings
• Utilize our internet safety exchange zone in the parking lot of Police HQ’s located at 871 Rockdale Avenue
• Keep children close to you at all times
• Never allow children to go to the car alone
• Having packages delivered to your home, arrange for the delivery man to place it somewhere out of sight.
• If leaving home for an extended time, have a neighbor or family member watch your home
• Indoor and outdoor lights should be on a random timer
• Large displays of holiday gifts should not be visible through the windows or doors of your home
• Be aware that criminals sometimes pose as utility workers. Make sure and ask for identification before opening your door
• Hosting a party? Try and arrange for a designated driver
• Attending a party? Arrange for a designated driver
• Remember only time will eliminate the alcohol from your body
• Know what your limit is
• Never drink and drive

This is a wonderful time of the year to enjoy the holidays with your family friends, and loved ones.

From all of us at the New Bedford Police Department, we’d like to extend a safe and happy holiday season to each and every one of you.