Animal control officers kindness earns praise


Pets are like family to people. That makes the kindness of animal control officers Manny Maciel and Ann Marie Dasilva, who provided compassion and sensitivity to a family struggling with the loss of their beloved cat, especially appreciated,

The family shared their story in a communication with Chief Joseph Cordeiro. The family’s cat had been missing for two days. They called animal control and spoke with Ann Marie, who promised to get back to them as soon as she had news.

Manny called the family the next day. He did have news and it was sad: Their cat had been hit by a car on a nearby street and had died.

The family was devastated of course but even on such a difficult day they reached out to the chief to recognize the efforts of animal control.

 “Manny is very knowledgeable and explained our different options. He also respected our moments with our deceased cat,’’ the cat’s owner, who prefers to remain anonymous, wrote. “We’re very glad we have such a great support for our animals here in New Bedford. Both Manny and Ann Marie have been so kind as well as professional that I just had to let you know. It’s rare to find such nice people anywhere in this day and age never mind in such difficult situations.’’

 We are very pleased with the family’s note but not surprised: Manny, Ann Marie and the entire animal control department take their job of protecting the city’s animals seriously and treats both the animals and those who love them with kindness and respect.

 As this family can tell you, especially on difficult days, this can make all the difference.