Junior Police Academy youngsters learn about marine unit

Members of the Junior Police Academy took to the water Saturday to spend time with and learn about the New Bedford Police Department marine services unit.
The youngsters, ages 11 to 13, took a ride on the police boat and learned about the work and responsibilities of the members of the marine services unit.
The Junior Police Academy provides youngsters with an inside look at the world of the New Bedford Police Department. The program runs Wednesday afternoons from 3:30-5:30 p.m. and other times, such as Saturday’s boat ride, as needed.
Sgt. Justin Kagan, who leads the marine services unit, is pictured showing one of the academy members how the boat is operated. Det. Stephen Taylor is on deck with some of the youngsters.
Police Chief Joseph Cordeiro and Capt. Amos Melo began the Junior Police Academy in 2000, when they were a lieutenant and sergeant, respectively. The academy ran through 2006 before being reintroduced this year.