Residents warned of scammers claiming to be from PACE

We have been receiving reports of yet another scam in the city. Scammers are going door to door claiming to represent PACE and asking for utility bills and account numbers.

Officials at PACE have asked us to remind the public that these people do not represent PACE.

PACE provides assistance with home heating and electricity bills and serves more than 10,000 households in Greater New Bedford.

They do not advertise their services door-to-door nor do they ring someone’s doorbell to ask for their utility bills or account information. In the rare event they visit a client’s home, clients are notified by PACE  in advance.

Residents are urged to ignore these scammers altogether, as they are not working for PACE. If you have any questions about a solicitation, feel free to call their office at 508-999-9920 to confirm.