9 firearms seized during gang-related investigations

NEW BEDFORD- Last week NBPD Detectives seized a total of nine firearms as a result of ongoing investigations related to gang activity in the city.

On August 26, NBPD Detectives recovered a MasterPiece Arms semi-automatic firearm from a garage at 82 Crapo St. along with several rounds of ammo of different calibers. The firearm and ammunition were reported to be used by a local gang.

Also on August 26, NBPD Detectives seized a Taurus 9mm firearm with ammunition and a magazine at 138 Dean Street, Apt. #1. Known gang leader Ailton Pina was charged with firearms offenses. Pina was found dangerous during a subsequent hearing and was quickly released on $5,000 bail.

As the result of a traffic stop near Winsor St. and County St. on August 25, NBPD Detectives seized a Glock 26 firearm loaded with 42 rounds of 9mm ammunition firearm with extended clip. As a result, known gang member Pedro Evora, 27, 50 New Plainville Rd., Apt. M77, and Jessica Gomes, 22, 50 New Plainville Rd., Apt. M77, were both arrested and charged with firearms offences. As a follow-up, Detectives seized two Smith & Wesson firearms, five magazines and boxes of ammunition from Gomes’s mother’s house at 122 Purchase St.
Detectives seized a Sig Sauer P250 firearm and a Chrome Webley 767 .38 caliber revolver along with suboxone strips and a digital scale on August 24 at 106 School Street, #2W. As a result, Antone Mello, 49, 106 School Street, #2W, was charged with firearms and drug possession offenses.

An M&P Shield 9mm handgun, 2-8 round magazines, and 45 rounds of 9mm ammunition has been retrieved in relation to the August 24 shooting at Temple Landing. Separately, a search of the vehicle used to transport one of the victims in that incident produced a Glock 9mm handgun with 7 9mm rounds, drug paraphernalia and $969.