NBPD Acting Deputy Chief Adelino Sousa named to permanent role

NEW BEDFORD-Acting Deputy Chief Adelino Sousa has been named permanent Deputy Chief of the New Bedford Police Dept. Deputy Chief Sousa has been the “acting” Deputy Chief since April.

Deputy Chief Sousa jointed the NBPD in 1994, became part of the Narcotics Division in 2000. He was assigned to the Drug Enforcement Administration Task Force in 2001. He was later assigned to the Gang Unit from 2006-2009. He was promoted to Sergeant in 2009, to Lieutenant in 2012, and to Captain 2017.

Born in Saint Michael, the Azores in Portugal, and Deputy Chief Sousa immigrated with his family to New Bedford in the 1980s. He graduated from New Bedford High School and earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Criminal Justice from Western New England College.

Chief Paul Oliveira recognized Deputy Chief Sousa for his wealth of experience in both investigations and leadership. “His success in leading the Detective Division for the past few years shone a light on his enthusiasm for police work and his strong work ethic. Both are foundational for succeeding as Deputy Chief.”

Deputy Chief Oliveira underscores the honor of the police profession. “Traditionally, policing is a noble and honorable profession. In today’s landscape I am committed to ensuring we continue our traditions of integrity and service for all.”