Fourteen Arrests Made in the Downtown Area Since the Beginning of May

New Bedford, MA — Police officers have focused their efforts on addressing quality-of-life issues and groups congregating in the downtown area.

Since May 1st, 14 arrests have been made around the SRTA Bus Terminal, Mechanics Lane, and Main Library in response to growing complaints.  These arrests were made for a variety of offenses, including unarmed robbery, warrants, open containers of alcohol, possession of crack cocaine, and disorderly conduct, to name a few.

Several arrests were made as officers observed individuals loitering in the area and consuming alcohol on the sidewalks.  Two men were arrested after being observed smoking crack cocaine on Mechanic’s Lane.  Some were individuals who were found to have active warrants for their arrest.

“Our city’s downtown district is important to us, and when people are actively drinking, openly using drugs, and being overall disorderly in the area, we are compelled to act,” said Chief Paul Oliveira. “I’m grateful for the efforts being put forth in the downtown area by our officers.”

The New Bedford Police Department has a strong outreach program in place.  We also work closely with numerous community partners to ensure that ample resources are provided to those struggling with addiction, alcoholism, mental illness, and homelessness.  Arrests are a last resort.

If you have any information you would like to share with the police, you can do so anonymously by visiting our website and leaving a tip or by calling 508-99-CRIME.