Administrative Services

The Administrative Services Division oversees Facilities, Payroll, Central Records, Training and Management Information System (MIS).

Central Records: manages all requests for police reports, CORI checks, trespass notices, stolen autos, missing persons and many others.
It maintains a database of all police reports dating back to 1961. Central Records registers and conducts home visits to confirm the addresses of Level II and Level III Sex Offenders registered in the city and is responsible for all subpoenas, restraining orders, and harassment orders.

Training: oversees recruitment, background investigation and hiring of Police Officers, 911 Dispatchers and Police Cadets. In-house testing and selection for 911 Dispatchers and Police Cadets is also conducted by this Division. Oversees all facets of mandated yearly training for Police Officers, Police Cadets and 911 Dispatchers. Maintains training records along with any certifications or qualifications concerning each employee.

MIS: handles all computer, radio, video and audio equipment for the New Bedford Police Department. It maintains the day to day operations of more than 150 desktop computers, more than 50 mobile computers, numerous servers, and more than 300 portable radios. The MIS Division builds and repairs all these systems in house. It is also responsible for the maintenance of the 911 system.

Police Patrol
Community Police Officer Manuel Sequeira outside of NBPD headquarters.

Community Policing

Our Community Police Officers are dedicated to building strong, positive relationships between law enforcement and the neighborhoods they serve. These officers actively engage with community members, attending meetings, and participating in events to better understand the unique needs and concerns of residents. Through collaborative initiatives, they work to address issues such as crime prevention, public safety education, and quality of life enhancements. Community Police Officers play a vital role in fostering trust, communication, and a sense of security, creating a safer and more supportive environment for everyone in the community.


Our Detectives Division conducts follow up investigations on cases initiated through the Patrol Division for those types and categories of crimes commonly referred to as Major Crimes. These crimes include: robbery, homicide, felonious assault, burglary, forgery, larceny, fraud and embezzlement.

The New Bedford Police Department needs your help solving crimes. If it is an emergency, remember to CALL 911. From time to time, we will post pictures or videos of people of interest to us. If you have any information regarding the images or videos, please contact the Detective Division of the New Bedford Police Department at 508-991-6300 Extension 79519, or by calling 508-99-CRIME, 508-991-6300 and following the prompts to leave an anonymous tip, or by texting a tip. To text a tip, Text CALL50 to 274637 and wait for a reply. You can then text your anonymous tip. You can also send an email to detectives@newbedfordpd.com.

Detective Division Badge
Paul Fonseca wiith NBPD boat

Dive team

The Police Dive Unit is a highly skilled and specialized team tasked with conducting underwater operations to support law enforcement efforts. These trained divers play a crucial role in search and recovery missions, locating evidence, and conducting investigations in aquatic environments. Whether retrieving evidence from bodies of water, assisting in water-related emergencies, or conducting underwater searches, the Dive Unit is committed to ensuring the thorough and effective execution of their duties, contributing to the overall success of law enforcement operations and public safety. Their expertise in underwater environments enhances the department's capabilities and reinforces our commitment to a comprehensive approach to policing.


Our Firearms Division plays a critical role in managing firearm licensing, assisting with investigations related to firearms, and ensuring our officers maintain the highest standards of proficiency and safety. They meticulously handle the licensing process, conducting thorough background checks and assessments to uphold public safety. Additionally, the division assists in investigations involving firearms-related incidents, working closely with other units to address illegal firearm activities. To maintain a highly skilled and responsible force, the division conducts rigorous training programs, ensuring our officers are well-versed in firearm safety, marksmanship, and the latest techniques, aligning with the highest standards of law enforcement excellence.

Firearms Training
Police raiding in the house

Major Crimes/Narcotics

The Police Gang Unit is a specialized division committed to addressing and mitigating gang-related activities within our community. Highly trained officers in this unit work proactively to gather intelligence, investigate gang-related incidents, and collaborate with other law enforcement agencies to curb gang violence and criminal enterprises. Through strategic partnerships with the community, outreach programs, and targeted enforcement, the Gang Unit aims to disrupt gang operations, enhance public safety, and foster a secure environment for residents and businesses alike. Their efforts contribute significantly to the overall mission of reducing gang influence and ensuring safety in the community.

Our Organized Crime Intelligence Bureau is at the forefront of combating drug-related crime in our community. These specialized detectives employ advanced investigative techniques to identify, track, and apprehend individuals involved in drug trafficking and distribution. By collaborating with local, state, and federal agencies, the unit works tirelessly to dismantle drug networks, seize illicit substances, and disrupt the flow of narcotics into our neighborhoods. Through their commitment and expertise, our Narcotics detectives play a crucial role in ensuring public safety and tackling the complex challenges associated with drug-related offenses.

Honor Guard

Our Police Honor Guard serves as a symbol of respect, dignity, and professionalism within our department. Comprised of highly disciplined officers, the Honor Guard participates in ceremonial events, including funerals, memorial services, and public ceremonies. They respectfully carry out the presentation of colors, perform drills, and pay tribute to fallen officers, embodying a sense of honor and reverence that reflects the values of our law enforcement community. Through their precision and dedication, the Honor Guard upholds the solemn traditions of our department and honors the sacrifices made by our officers.

Honor Guard Badge
PD Boat

Marine Unit

Our Marine Unit plays a pivotal role in safeguarding our city's harbors and ports. Specialized officers in this unit conduct regular patrols, utilizing watercraft to monitor and respond to potential threats. They enforce maritime laws, conduct search and rescue operations, and collaborate with other agencies to address issues such as smuggling or illegal maritime activities. By maintaining a visible presence and leveraging advanced technology, our Marine Unit is dedicated to upholding the safety and integrity of our waterfront, contributing to the overall security of our city's vital port areas.


Patrol  is often the public face of the NBPD and is dedicated to the philosophy of "community policing" here in New Bedford. It is charged with the responsibility of preventing crimes and traffic accidents by maintaining a mobile visible presence, making inquiries and inspections, identifying and discovering hazards and situations that may contribute to delinquency, and maintaining public order; respond to calls and requests for law enforcement service or assistance; investigate or initiate the investigations of crimes, offenses, incidents and conditions and causing the arrest of offenders; traffic control and direction; providing emergency services; and maintaining a valuable relationship with citizens and other police agencies,

PD Patrol
Police Badge

Professional Standards

Professional Standards is responsible for investigating complaints of misconduct alleged to have been committed by members of the New Bedford Police Department and ensuring members of the community are provided with an opportunity to voice their legitimate concerns regarding the type and quality of service delivered by the New Bedford Police Department. It strives to safeguard the integrity of the police department, as well as to preserve community confidence and support in the complaint review process. Through the complaint review process the New Bedford Police Department receives valuable feedback from the community to ensure that department policies and procedures, which control the manner and delivery of police services, are both efficient and effective. Professional Standards also oversees the performance of audits and internal Public Records requests for the New Bedford Police Department.


The School Resource Officer (SRO) unit plays a crucial role in fostering a safe and positive learning environment within educational institutions. Comprising dedicated police officers, the SRO unit collaborates with school administrators, staff, and students to ensure the security of the campus. SROs serve as liaisons between law enforcement and the school community, offering guidance, conducting safety drills, and providing educational programs on topics such as drug awareness and bullying prevention. Their presence helps build trust and strengthens the bond between law enforcement and the school, ultimately contributing to a safer and more supportive educational experience for all.

School Resource Officer
Leads Outreach Program

LEADS Outreach

Through our LEAD (Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion) initiative and dedicated Outreach Officers, we are committed to employing progressive methods to address substance abuse and mental health challenges in our community. These officers collaborate with local clinicians to co-respond to calls involving individuals facing mental health crises, ensuring a compassionate and holistic approach. The LEAD initiative focuses on diversion programs, aiming to steer individuals away from the criminal justice system and toward supportive services, treatment, and rehabilitation, fostering long-term recovery and reducing the impact of addiction on our community. By combining law enforcement efforts with therapeutic interventions, our team strives to create a more compassionate and effective response to the complex issues surrounding addiction and mental health.

Different Divisions of Outreach


We lead a collaborative effort known as the Community Crisis Intervention Team (CCIT), where we stay in regular communication with more than agencies throughout New Bedford. CCIT brings together law enforcement, Health, and Community agencies for the purpose of effectively and compassionately providing care, safety, and services for people experiencing a destabilizing crisis in their lives. Matters brought to this group’s attention primarily involve individuals suffering from some form of mental health. Emergency cases that arise during the month are handled by a committee of members that can best handle a crisis. Partners are added on a regular basis.

Human Trafficking Taskforce 

We partner with federal and local agencies to raise awareness and serve as a conduit of information to identify and prevent human trafficking. We provide a connection for victims with the goal of providing the broadest range of services and resources and the most diverse range of investigation and to the perpetrators of this crime.


Diverting low level drug offenders for whom probable cause exists for an arrest and redirect them from jail and prosecution by the harm reduction-oriented approach.  Case mangers / Recovery Coaches immediately links drug offenders to treatment and social supports including intensive case management in an effort to treat the root cause – drug or alcohol addiction.

Opioid Taskforce 

We partner with agencies, organizations, sectors and stakeholders—to build a healthier Greater New Bedford community by addressing the misuse of substances in the city.

Post Overdose Outreach

The goal of this team is to prevent overdose deaths and improve the quality of life in their community. The team consists of police officers, recovery coaches, and members of the faith community. Working together, the teams visit homes to offer both counseling, and services to those suffering with addiction. These services are offered to both the patient and their family. 

Street Outreach

We partner with local agencies that do street outreach to drive around the city “hot spots” to make meaningful connections with high-risk individuals. These individuals are usually offered services and resources, including housing information, food options, Narcan, other harm reduction tools, and whatever else may apply.