Work With NBPD

Are you interested in a career in law enforcement? Look no further than the New Bedford Police Department!

Embark on a thrilling journey with our newly unveiled recruitment video that delves into the riveting world of law enforcement. Joining the ranks of dedicated individuals committed to upholding justice and ensuring the safety of our communities promises a career filled with unparalleled benefits and rewards.

As the backbone of societal order, law enforcement professionals enjoy a sense of purpose, contributing significantly to the betterment of society. The video captures the essence of this noble profession, showcasing the diverse and challenging aspects that make each day unique. From forging strong community bonds to solving complex cases, a career in law enforcement offers the opportunity to make a tangible impact on the lives of others.

Civil Service

Take and pass the Civil Service Exam. ( Once completed, your name will be forwarded to the NBPD for consideration. Once accepted by the NBPD, a candidate will be sent to the Municipal Police Training Committee (MPTC) for a 6-month training program ( that translates into 800+ hours. The program is organized into three (I-III) volumes with multiple subtopics and covers 21st century policing best practices with specific emphasis on the following core principles: problem solving, procedural justice, ethical decision making, and fair and impartial policing. Once an officer is on the job at the NBPD, he/she does a week of municipal training at HQ before he/she serves 30-days with a veteran officer. Officers are required to do 40 hours of in-service training annually.

For more information on becoming an officer with the NBPD, please contact: 508-991-6300 Ext. 79413

Police Officer Benefits

  • Starting salary - $64,067.81
  • $5,000 signing bonus
  • 10 hours of sick every month
  • 5 personal days
  • 2 weeks of vacation
  • Education stipend
  • Medical/dental
  • 5% nighttime differential
  • 10 extra training days per year
  • 12 paid holidays, 4 half-day paid holidays

Become a Dispatcher

The New Bedford Police Department is hiring emergency telecommunications dispatchers! Here is your chance to apply.

Dispatchers are a critical part of our law enforcement team and the everyday services we provide to the community. For further information on this employment opportunity. For more information, visit the Employment Opportunities at the City of New Bedford's website.

Become a Cadet

Become a cadet at the NBPD and work alongside Officers to help with administrative duties and become a 911 call taker. After two years as a Cadet with the NBPD, you may be granted “cadet preference” by the Chief of Police.

Cadet preference is granted to individuals who show they are committed, dependable, and professional, and will be a true asset to the department and city during the evaluation process. For more information, reach out to the Training Division at:

Intern With Us

The NBPD’s intern program utilizes students requiring internships from area high schools and universities. The domestic violence unit intern coordinator is responsible for the recruitment and training of these interns, so they are able to perform duties within the unit.

Some of the duties include assisting victims through the restraining order process, accompanying victims to court, filling out required forms, and making referrals to appropriate agencies.

Other duties include typing, filing, and data entry. If you are interested in interning with us, please email Katelyn Adamides at: